One thing important for optimization your website to support Google SEO. That is your contents in your website.

Many people generate contents on page but they didn’t know how to write the content to make Google satisfaction.

This content will guide you know how to create contents to support Google SEO.

First one, the most important thing. You must to analysis a keyword. A Keyword stand for a word for define your website characteristic. It must be unique, clarify, compact and well-known in Google Search Engine. Well-known is mean that, this keyword should the score for searching in each months around 1000 – 2000 by average at the beginning.

You can find out this link, to use Google Keyword Analysis Tool to find the best keyword for your website

For example: My site has a content to provide cooking recipe or ingredient. I will pick my keyword as “pasta seafood”, “italian pizza”, “hamburger”.

I choose these keywords because I can cook it.

So, you may see i will try to define specify keyword to make it unique, avoid any keywords that are big scope such as “cooking”, “recipe” something like that.

And then, bring your keyword and attempt to write it down in your content in website. I suggest you to define the keyword around 3-5 units in one content.


  1. Make a bold character on the keyword using HTML like <b>your keyword</b> or <strong>your keyword</strong>
  2. Make a link on your keyword using HTML like <a href=”your first page”>your keyword</a>
  3. A link in step 2. must be point to your page which you need to do SEO

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